Top 5 Tips to Convert Visitors to Qualified Leads

This post is part 3 in our Landing Page series. In the second part of this series, “How to attract visitors to your Landing Page” we explained how to get visitors to your landing page. Great! Now, how do you convert visitors to qualified leads?

Here are 5 Tips to convert visitors to qualified leads:

Tip 1. Give to get.

You’re trying to build a list of leads, but people won’t give you their personal information for nothing in return. So, you make them an offer they can’t refuse. An offer can be anything from a traditional discount or coupon to a whitepaper, eBook, instructional video, or free product.

Make sure that what you are giving away is worth their time, and their personal information. You may be wary about giving away such great content for free, but everyone else is already doing it – jump on the train or risk being run over!

 Tip 2. Match your headline to your ad.

If someone has clicked on an ad to land on your page, that means they’re interested in what you were advertising. If the headline on your page doesn’t match the headline on your ad, then you’re starting off on the wrong foot. Your headline should be clear and informative. Let the visitor know how they will benefit by being on this page. If a visitor doesn’t know what you are offering in less than 5, you haven’t done your job, and they are not likely to convert to a qualified lead.

Tip 3. Make your Call to Action clear.

Your landing page should have a clear call to action that tells the user what they will get and how to get it. If it takes them more than a second to find your call to action, then you need to change it. Keep your call to action above the fold – don’t make them scroll down the page to see it. Use action colors to highlight the form fields and button they should press to ‘submit’ the form. I’m highlighting the word submit, because it is not the word that your form should use.

Think about the definition of submit – why would your visitors want to submit to you? Instead, use language that encourages clicking the button, and reaffirms your amazing offer. Examples such as “Get My Free Ebook” or “Start My Free Trial”. Remind them of why they are ‘submitting’ in the first place, and you will convert visitors into qualified leads.

Tip 4. Only ask for the information you positively, absolutely have to have.

It’s too easy for your prospect to turn away from a complicated form. Most squeeze landing pages will ask for just an email. If you are using marketing automation software, you will want their name as well, but more information than that can easily make a person change their mind about filling out your form. People value their privacy online.

Let them know how you will use their email, and assure them that you will never spam them. Then, don’t spam them.

Tip 5. Simplify your content.

Your landing page exists to share very specific information with your visitor. So, keep unnecessary or redundant language far away from your page, and narrow your focus. Sentences that don’t inform and compel your visitors to complete your call to action should be nixed or reworded. Don’t distract your prospect from your offer. If your visitor clicks away, even to another page on your website, it is unlikely that they will return to fill out your conversion form. Your page should contain only the information that they need to go from a prospect to a lead or customer. Thanks for reading! I’ll leave you to think about 1 important question:

What can you give away today to convert visitors to qualified leads?

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