Does Your Small Business Need Social Media Management Services?

Twitter fails: We’ve all heard of them, and they usually make us laugh. For instance, most people heard about the epic disaster that was #McDStories, which was started by McDonald’s. The fast food chain was looking for uplifting anecdotes to promote its brand, but instead the hashtag was swarmed with stories of food poisoning, fingernails in sandwiches, and other fast food horror stories.

Yet for businesses that want to use social media for promotional purposes, just a single bad Tweet can severely impact a brand’s public image. That includes Tweets that inexperienced interns or disgruntled employees make that may make a business look bad. With 91% of American adults using social media platforms like Twitter on a regular basis, and at least 73% of smartphone users accessing those accounts daily, there’s a good chance that users will see those Tweets before management or business owners can intervene.

So what’s a business to do?

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid Twitter fails, even for those who consider themselves social media novices. Approximately 54% of business owners admit that they need some help with their social media marketing strategies, so they may need to turn to social media management services for some assistance. A social media management company does more than update Facebook or post some pretty pictures on Instagram. They find ways to connect with users and can prevent a social media faux pas from occurring. They also give business owners the chance to focus on what matters — the business — without having to spend time worrying about followers, likes, retweets, or other social media activity.

How else can they help?

In addition to social media management services, online marketing companies typically handle a variety of other tasks that can help boost a brand’s image online, including web design, search engine optimization, and other internet advertising methods. Website SEO services not only enhance the appearance of a website, giving it a user-friendly makeover, but they also make it far easier for users to find the information they need. Much of SEO also relies on good content marketing, and strategies like blogging and using social media can play a big role in that.

Think you need social media management services or other small business SEO management strategies? Make sure to get in touch to ask about a personalized approach for your business.


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