Three Reasons a Professional SEO Service Is a Must-Have for Small Businesses

If you run a business of any size, you may have been told that you need search engine optimization to help customers find your website. Small businesses, especially, can struggle in the marketplace, and using a professional SEO service can help you achieve goals like a higher Google ranking or a better overall internet presence. This may not sound like a necessity for a business, but it turns out that SEO is one of the most important things you can do to promote your brand.

So what can a professional SEO service do for your business? Here are three things you may not have considered before but likely need from a small business SEO management firm:

1. Content:
You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” by now, and if not, it perfectly describes just how important content is. This not only includes your website itself but features like blog content, videos, images, whitepapers, and more.

Social media counts as content, too, and most businesses would struggle without these platforms. Approximately 91% of American adults use social media websites and apps on a regular basis, and 73% of those who own smartphones access those accounts through mobile apps at least once per day. However, small businesses have a lot of competition on these sites: at least 93% of marketers are also using sites like Facebook and Twitter for business purposes. Social media management services are, therefore, essential for any small business, so they can attract customers and get them to check out the awesome content on their website.

2. Clear Vision:
One thing that many businesses lack when they embark on an SEO campaign is a clear vision of their campaign from start to finish. Many people still view SEO as a sort of “get rich quick” scheme, and they expect significant progress and a #1 ranking within a month or two. The truth, however, is that an SEO campaign that will prove long-lasting success will take time to cultivate, but progress is measurable along the way. In order to further your goals for your marketing campaign, a professional SEO service should provide you with easy to understand metrics and tracking, so you can monitor your rankings without worrying about how you’re getting there.

3. Consistency:
While consistency is important with regard to regular blog posts and social media engagement, an SEO consulting agency also needs to provide it for your business across your entire online presence. That not only includes the branding on your website and social media accounts, but in the places you might not regularly see, like business directories or review sites like Yelp. Even though being listed as “John’s Antique Store, Inc.” and “John’s Antiques” on two different sites may not seem like a big deal, it can actually have a huge impact on how customers find you. An SEO management firm can not only correct a business’s name but any outdated addresses, phone numbers, website addresses, or other information.

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