What Are Website Backlinks and How Do They Work?

Is your business missing out on a simple SEO opportunity?

Backlinks are a powerful way to improve your SEO and build your brand. Nonetheless, many businesses and individuals will read this and ask, “Wait, what are website backlinks?”

Fortunately, we’ve put together a complete guide to this topic. Keep reading to discover what these backlinks are and how they work.

What Are Website Backlinks?

What, exactly, are website backlinks? In this case, the name explains almost everything!

A backlink is when another website links back to something you have written. Let’s say you write an informative article on how to lose weight over the summer. Every link on someone else’s website linking back to your article is a backlink.

And these backlinks are very important to your SEO.

How Do They Work?

Why are backlinks important for SEO? The simplest explanation is that the number of backlinks your article or page has shows Google that your content is important and valuable.

The algorithm for Google rankings may seem complex, but its basic function is simple. Google wants to provide users with the best and most helpful links on the first page of their searches.

With a little luck (or work), your backlinks will grow quickly. All it takes is one popular person to link back to what you’ve written to cause many more people to link back on their own websites.

All of these links let Google know that lots of people rely on what you have written. And you end up ranking highly because you are authoritative and trustworthy.

How to Get More Backlinks

Now that you know what backlinks are, here’s the big question: how, exactly, can you get more of them?

You can “cheat” a little bit by adding links to your articles via your own social media. It’s not much, but this helps the SEO.

Additionally, you can send your links to influencers within your industry. If you’re lucky, they will add a backlink for their thousands (or even millions) of followers.

The best method, though, is to create the kind of content users want. This includes “ultimate guides” to different topics as well as listicles, explanatory articles, and articles with vivid imagery and videos. All of this content is more likely to get a backlink.

How to Check Your Backlinks

Focusing on creating quality content is very important, but how do you know it’s working. Can you actually check on the number of backlinks to your site?

The Google Search Console allows you to check out the backlinks your site has received. This is convenient, as you’re probably already using various Google tools to improve your keywords and overall SEO.

If you’re already working with SEO professionals, they can help you monitor the growth of your backlinks. Furthermore, they can help you increase the overall number of links with backlinking campaigns.

What Comes Next?

Now you know the answer to the question, “What are website backlinks?” But, do you need a helping hand putting out quality content on a regular basis, and getting more backlinks to that content?

We specialize in every aspect of digital marketing, including SEO services like content writing and backlinking.

To see what we can do for you, contact us today!

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