What Small Businesses Can Get out of SEO Consulting Services

If you have been told that your small business could benefit from SEO consulting, there’s a good chance that you weren’t sure how to go about taking that advice. After all, most small business owners want to make ends meet and turn a profit, and they don’t always have the time to be concerned about search engine marketing or social media campaigns.

So what exactly does it mean when someone suggests small business SEO consulting to you?

For starters, SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” which is a process used to make it easier for search engines — and, by extension, internet users — to find your website. The first step of most website SEO services is for the agency to perform some keyword research to integrate both into the website’s metadata (title, description, etc.) and the content.

From there, a professional SEO service will create content in the form of onsite pages and blog posts. These blog posts will focus on keywords that have to do with your business in order to drive traffic to your site. As many as 92% of marketers find content to be “very” or “somewhat” effective in their SEO campaigns, and a blog is a huge part of this process. Blogging gives your site regular content with an appropriate amount of keywords, as too many could be flagged by Google as spam. It also lets your customers know what sort of business you run and what they can expect from you.

However, SEO goes beyond adding items to your website. Web design, especially design that works well on mobile devices, is an important factor in optimizing your site. Quality web design does more than simply make your business look good — it also helps solidify your brand identity, so customers become more familiar with what you have to offer. Search engines such as Google also rank websites based on their design, so good web design pays off nicely if you’re also getting SEO for your website.

Finally, an SEO consulting firm might also recommend additional services, such as pay per click advertising or social media management services. The former helps get the word out about your website on search engines and other highly trafficked websites; the latter helps you keep your presence on social media active to find (and keep) customers paying attention to you. Approximately 93% of all businesses use social media in their marketing, so all of these services point nicely to your well-designed, optimized website to further encourage customers to purchase your goods and services.

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