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Web Design & Digital Marketing

Hey there! We’re Modsnap Design, a boutique marketing and design company located in Delray Beach, FL, and helping small businesses everywhere grow is our passion. We use creative solutions to help businesses increase their digital presence and attract high-quality leads.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Marketing takes a back seat when business operations call for your attention.
  • You got into your business to do what you love, not market what you love.
  • You are reacting to marketing ideas as they cross your desk, with no real strategy about how to best reach your customers.

If you’re nodding your head, you need a strategic marketing partner like Modsnap Design. Working with you to create and keep up with a marketing strategy is what we do.

We use a combination of one-time and ongoing digital marketing strategies such as website design, branding, social media management, search engine optimization, and marketing automation to help you grow your business without losing your cool.

We’ve Got Your Back!

Through every step of the process, we get to know your business and help you put together a plan to get the word out to your target market. From research to design to development, we’re on your side. Our mission is to help your business grow by delivering amazing websites and digital marketing solutions.

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Localecopia Websites Case Study

We redesigned two websites for the South Florida group, Localecopia, one for their non-profit and one for their marketplace.

this image shows the home page of Localecopia.org as it appears on a large screen

Recent Articles

5 Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Online Reviews

Online reviews are a critical component of any business’s online success. Reviews are often one of the first touchpoints a person has with your brand. They are unfiltered experiences that act as referrals and spur sales. They are also useful in showing that your business is legitimate, which can often be a major barrier when operating an online presence. Unfortunately, many business owners go about managing their reviews all wrong. Let’s fix that. We’ve compiled a list of 5 mistakes business owners make with their online reviews, and tips for doing better. #1: Avoiding Them Avoiding reviews is the worst thing you can do with them. Why? Because people took personal time to leave you feedback. They went out of their way to engage with your brand and they’re telling you that they’re committed. Avoiding them turns your reviews into a mess. You both neglect those who care and fail to put out fires from those who are grumpy. If you pay attention to your reviews, you will gain valuable feedback about what you’re doing right, as well as what you could improve upon. Here’s what to do: Take the time to read, review, and engage with your reviews. If you don’t have tons of time to handle reviews personally, then at least hand them over to those who can. Social media services are one option to help maintain your image through efforts like review management. The engagement is hands-off so that means more time for you to do the things you’d rather do, without neglecting reviews! #2: Faking Them Genuine experiences foster genuine engagement from your community.You should never fake a review. Dishonesty is not a solid foundation for any brand, and your customers will know. A fake review is easy to spot: –People will notice because of the wording and tone. –Platforms will pick up on it because of user activity. Once people notice the fake review they will give your brand a negative image. Once word gets around, you will lose sales and could see your brand banned from platforms for faking reviews. The fix to this online review mistake? Encourage authentic reviews from customers, and remove barriers that would prevent them from leaving these reviews. Tip #4 will provide you with a few strategies for doing just that. #3: Neglecting Them A customer who had a bad experience may tell (up to) 15 others about it. However,  a business that’s quick to handle these situations can stop the negativity. In some instances, a brand may flip the customer and win their business again, by responding directly to them. But what happens when negative reviews go unanswered? Neglected reviews spread a negative experience and dissuade others from engaging with your business. They could even damper the experience of those who do enjoy your brand. The solution is simple: Respond to reviews even if they’re negative. You’ll either win your customer’s trust (again) or at least show transparency to others in your attempt to help. #4: Not Soliciting Them All that’s needed to get an online review for a business is to ask. It’s as simple as this: –Identify a recent customer or client. –Touch base with them about their experience. –Use the conversation to encourage a review. Marketing automation makes the process even easier. This involves setting up automatic touchpoints to encourage reviews based on metrics (and we promise this is much simpler than it sounds!). An email or phone call at the right time is often enough to see your review count jump! #5: Not Leveraging Them Business reviews are feedback and feedback is business gold. Feedback helps you learn what works and what doesn’t. It will allow you to  discover the type of customer most engaged with your brand and find opportunities to offer better products or experiences. You won’t gain this data if you’re moving on without reviewing your reviews. If you really take time to extract those tidbits of valuable feedback, you can leverage the points that jump out at you and add to your brand’s success. Amplify Your Reach With Online Reviews The points covered in this post outlined what so many do wrong with online reviews, in an effort to help show you what you can do right. Avoiding these mistakes really comes down to doing what you can to engage with clients and customers. Encourage reviews, learn from them, and expand on them. Your embrace of reviews will do wonders for helping your business build its presence online (and create sales in the process!). So, now we’ve got to ask… Do you need help generating, engaging, and leveraging reviews? Need guidance to amplify your online presence? Drop us a line and learn more about what we can do for you!

3 Ways to Modify Your Retail Marketing Strategies During the Pandemic

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced business owners to dramatically reinvent the way they market to their customers. Brick and mortar retailers have experienced significant difficulty during these times, and it has become necessary to modify retail marketing strategies in order to help keep businesses stay open. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at three simple strategies to help boost your online retail sales. 1. Place a Heavy Emphasis on Delivery/Pickup CDC and local government regulations, as well as the inherent risks of visiting public places, have drastically reduced the number of in-store sales retailers make. As a result, this has led to a shift toward online shopping. In order to accommodate your customers as much as possible, you’ll need to strive to achieve two goals: Eliminate risk Optimize convenience Retail businesses that have remained successful during this time have offered free shipping and returns on most of their items, allowing them to eliminate risk to the customer and compete with big e-commerce solutions like Amazon. They also typically provide customers with the option to have the item shipped directly to their house, or the opportunity to use contactless pickup if the customer lives locally.  By eliminating the risk and optimizing for convenience, you will make your customer’s shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible during a difficult time. 2. Digital Marketing Is the New Normal As a smaller business, you will likely find that you’ll need to focus heavily on digital marketing if you want to have a sufficient level of success from online sales. This also means that you’ll have to shift toward an online sales platform, like Amazon,or utilize your own on your small business website. Regardless of how you use the Internet to increase sales, you will need to research your audience in order to determine how to target them best. Unless your company already has a solid digital retail marketing strategy in place, it’s not likely that people will find your company on their own. So, you’ll need to ensure you understand the demographic information of your audience. Such as: Age Interests/hobbies Geographical location Annual income This information will provide you with a solid foundation to use for online ads, content, and more. Take advantage of Google’s free Keyword Planner tool to help you get started. Once you know who your audience is, the marketing content you create should be tailored to their needs, location, and the way they communicate.  For example, if you sell surf gear, you won’t advertise surfboards to people who live in land-locked states. Just as a ski shop owner wouldn’t advertise winter coats to folks who live in Miami. 3. Leverage Social Media Many people are quarantined at home and spending more time on the Internet than ever before. With the increased use of social media, Facebook and Instagram have become important tools to help sell products. Social media provides you with a channel to directly interact with your audience. This allows you to showcase new products, make business-related announcements, and share content related to a product or service, to a captive audience. For example, write a Facebook post about a new product and link it back to the product sales page on your website. Or create an Instagram story showing one of your products in action.  Encourage conversations around your posts and engage with your social media audience, maintaining your brand’s voice. Even after the pandemic, you’ll find that building your social following will have a positive impact on your overall sales. Reworking Your Retail Marketing Strategies Can Seem Difficult… But it doesn’t have to be. With these simple retail marketing strategies in mind, you’ll be well on your way toward laying the foundation for future success.  This is, however, only the tip of the iceberg that is internet marketing. Want to learn more about digital marketing and how we can help? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help grow your business online and (hopefully soon!) in store.

How to Start a Successful Blog and Avoid Blogger Burnout

Most bloggers spend a lot of time worrying about how to start a successful blog. However, even the most successful blog can fail if the writer succumbs to burnout. Your worst writing enemy may be staring at you in the mirror. Fortunately, you can have it all! Keep reading to discover our guide for creating a successful blog while avoiding burnout entirely. Set Realistic (and SMART) Goals One of the key components of a successful blog is regular updates. When your readers know when to expect your next bit of content, they are likelier to stick around. Unfortunately, some bloggers take on too much and end up quickly burning out. For example, writing a new blog once or twice a week can be pretty realistic, but writing something new every day could quickly kill your motivation if you have many other obligations. That schedule will look different for everyone, but pick a realistic goal, and stick to it. What do we mean when we say, set SMART goals? SMART is a handy acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. When you set out to start a successful blog, first set some goals for yourself. If you go through this acronym, and give yourself realistic goals that you hold yourself accountable to, you’re far more likely to keep the blog going and see it gain attention. Long story short? Know how far you can push yourself, and don’t push yourself any farther than that. And give it time, blogs don’t become successful overnight, set some realistic short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Establish a Working Routine When starting out, most bloggers have to write around their schedule, and that schedule probably includes a regular job. Ironically, though, one of the best ways to avoid blogger burnout is to treat writing like any other job. To be a successful worker, you eventually fall into a routine. You may start the day doing one thing, change it up in the middle, and switch to a final task by the end of the day. You can divide blog writing the same way. Maybe you brainstorm topic ideas over coffee in the morning and write a rough draft on your lunch break. Then, you edit the final piece shortly before you go to bed. Such a routine helps train your mind and body to write, and effectively schedules your blogging in a way that doesn’t burn you out. Every great writer has a routine, and it’s time to discover yours. And if you are starting a blog to support your existing business, then you should schedule blogging into your daily work routine. Don’t try to take it on outside of your work responsibilities – that’s a common factor in blogging burnout. Focus On Your Body Most bloggers focus on their minds. After all, that’s the “money maker” and where all the good ideas come from. However, one of the quickest ways to burn out is ignoring the rest of your body. If you give up exercise for editing and skip lunch to hammer out another article, your body will quickly begin to fall apart. And this will cause stress and pain that ultimately affects your mind and your creativity. Be sure to take care of your body each day. This won’t just help you avoid burnout–it will actually reduce stress and make your writing that much better! Identify Reader Issues Starting a blog is often about finding the most efficient way to do things. And here’s a fun fact: you can avoid burnout and drive reader traffic up with the same simple tip. Try to focus your writing primarily on reader issues. This means understanding who your audience is and writing about solutions to the problems that they face. Your readership will grow when audiences see that you are devoted to improving their lives. And staying current on emerging issues means your writing and research will always be fresh, which is one more way to avoid burning out. Don’t know what problems your readers are facing? Well, you probably know who your competitors are. Go to their sites, see what they are writing about, and which topics get the most comments and shares from readers. Then see if you agree, disagree, or could add to what they are writing about. If you have something to add, make it the basis for your next article. How to Start a Successful Blog: What Comes Next? Now you know how to start a successful blog without burning out. But do you know who can take it to the next level? We specialize in web design, marketing, and so much more. We love getting our clients more readers, likes, and shares. To see how we can transform your blog, contact us today!