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Molly, my gift to you, on this the day of your naming, is the gift of Art. Whether you discover a passion for painting (like your Great Aunt Carol), sculpture (like Grandma Murphy), photography (like Uncle Nick), or graphic design (like your Aunty Morgan), art is an essential element of life. It opens your eyes to the world around you, exposing the shadows and light, and hidden beauties that only one with the gift of art can truly make out. Art is about opening yourself up to the world and people around you; connecting with each personally and sharing what you’ve learned in your own unique way. My gift to you does not need to be your career, like mine, but I hope you find it nourishing to your soul, as I always have. I would like to give you a gift that will capture your imagination, and take you places in your mind that you never thought possible – seeing the world in a way that only you can. I would like you to have this sketchbook. Right now, it is full of blank pages. The prospect of filling it with art can sometimes seem daunting, but it is a challenge I am sure you will be bold enough to accept, at least once you’re old enough to hold a pencil. I hope you fill this book with sketches, ideas and poetry, as I filled mine.┬áLike your family before you, I know that art will serve as an important part of your life, and I hope it leads you in directions that bring you as much joy as possible.


Molly is the best