Case Study

Localecopia is a not-for-profit organization that supports Florida growers, ranchers and producers, encourages organic and sustainable farming, and teaches local schoolchildren about healthy living.

Project Objectives

The Localecopia team reached out to us because their existing websites weren't working for them. On top of dated design, the site functionality was lacking, and their team was not able to perform updates. Our mission was to create two unique websites for them that would represent the brand, and function well for their members and clients.

  • Information Architecture
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Membership/Directory
  • Speed Optimization

Our Approach

Before we could start designing the Localecopia sites, we first needed to decide how they would function. For the main site, we needed to plan out the workflow. The site would need to integrate membership, directory, pay portals, and front-end management all in one easy to use package. This took a lot of research and development before we could even start the design phase. Once the client approved the proposed site map, workflow and plugin purchases, we got to work on the design.

We wanted the Localecopia sites to feel fresh and modern, while staying true to their existing logo and branding. We used a red color sampled from fresh strawberries, and built around it as our accent color, while using the green, beige, and black from their existing branding. Our intent was to make the main site a bright and colorful space that would welcome visitors to stay a while. We chose a strong font, Gin, to create a bold, rustic feel, on our calls to action and titling, but prioritized legibility throughout the site.

While we were designing two separate sites, one for the non-profit and one for the marketplace, we wanted to make sure we presented a cohesive branding message. The marketplace design mirrors the main site, but uses a different header (in this case, Florida blueberries) and contrasting highlight colors. That way, as users move between both sites, they would feel both similar and separate at the same time.

this image shows the home page of Localecopia.org as it appears on a large screen


We are extremely happy with how the finished sites turned out! Most of all, because the sites work for our client. New members can sign up, pay for their membership, and create their business listings all without our client lifting a finger. Visitors can learn about Localecopia, and easily contact them about an event or service.

A Few Words from Our Client

"After a few negative experiences with other development companies, working with Modsnap Design was a refreshing change. Their professionalism, diligence, and focus on details made for a seamless transition into our upgraded website. Localecopia, Inc. would welcome the opportunity to work alongside of Modsnap on future projects."

G. Sagrans, President, Localecopia – Palm Beach